Create a Safer Online Environment through the Digital Thumbprint Program

The multiple award-winning program by Globe Telecom, Optus, and Singtel was created to turn the
Filipino youth into responsible online citizens through the following workshops:

Cyber security and

Online responsibility
and etiquette

Cyber leadership and

Data critiquing and critical
thinking skills

All public and private high school students are eligible to undergo this program for free.

As of December 2016, the program has reached 4,962 students nationwide
—and it's continuously growing.

More Well-informed Students

More Empowered Faculty

Find out what students say about the Digital Thumbprint Program.

"Every session was memorable for me but the most memorable topic for me is the Digital Insight. I've learned many things from this topic, I've learned how the sites like social medias make money from our information. I've also realized how important it is to keep my account secure and private. This session is very interesting and I hope that many have also learned from this."

-Allaine B. Sog-ed, Grade 10
Don Bosco School of Baguio City, Inc. High School Department

"‘The intention will not always be parallel with the impact.' Such simple yet meaningful comparison was instilled in my mind since it caused realization in me that whatever purpose our post online may originate may be misinterpreted and cause someone to be bashed. Thus, carefulness and great consideration is necessary in the making of one's digital thumbprint on any online platform."

-Christian John A. Saludas, Grade 11
University of the Immaculate Conception

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