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Share photos, catch up on your favorite shows, or make video calls using any WiFi-enabled device with GoWiFi. You can even choose from Free GoWiFi or GoWiFi Auto so you can stay conveniently connected to the things you love.

Enjoy high-speed
WiFi access every day.

Access WiFi hotspots in over
1,000 locations.

Get access to a reliable
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Free GoWiFi

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Connect to @FreeGoWiFi by following these easy, click-to-connect steps:

1. Open your WiFi settings
and connect to @FreeGoWiFi.

2. Click GO.

3. View and close advertisement.

4. Click GO.

Make the fun last longer and connect to hotspots automatically (no portals, no ads) with GoWiFi Auto, a premium WiFi service of GoWiFi.

Stay online for one (1) day, three (3) days, or thirty (30) days with these GoWiFi Auto packages:

Price Validity Volume cap
P15 1 day 500 MB
P50 3 days 1.5 GB
P99 30 days 1.5 GB

Connect to @GoWiFi_Auto by following these steps:

1. Open your WiFi settings
and connect to @GoWiFi_Auto.

2. Enter mobile number
and click GO.

3. Enter code and click GO.

4. Choose package.

GoWiFi is available in:

Connect to GoWiFi in malls, airports, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, transportation hubs, hospitals, and more!

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